Samstag, 28. September 2013

lysander bento wettbewerb von chinomiko

Voilà arrivé le deuxième concours de la serie “bento with love”
Merci de lire correctement les détails du concours avant d’y participer !

>En quoi consiste ce concours ?
Vous devez imaginer le bento que vous prépareriez pour Lysandre en fonction de ces gouts.
Tout est pris en compte…
Contest “bento with love” - OPEN FOR EVERYONE
Thanks for reading carefully before entering the contest

>Theme of the contest ?
Imagine the bento you’d cook for Lysander, according to his tastes.
Everything counts (the bento box style, the food and presentation)
/!\ Attention
-Your bento must be realistic, so please, no shiny unicorn meat in there !
-I’m not asking for japanese style cooking, every food is fine and good.

>what to submit ?
-a Drawing
You must draw your bento (digital or traditional ) + description of what’s in it.
Cook it for real and take a picture ! Add a descriptino of what’s inside too.

Even if super drawing skills are not required, i must be able to recognise the foods.

> Prize
1 winner.
I’ll offer you some bento accessories of your choice. (worth 30euros shipping costs included.) and i’ll make a drawing of the boy eating your bento !
(the drawing is a digital one, so there is no “original” on paper to get.)
Also, the winer will chose for which boy the next contest will be.
(except nath and lys indeed)

The contest has been extended and opened for international for one big week.
You have until the 7 of october to participate.

> How to enter
Send your entry to
(any email which is not an entry will be ignored )

-Send your picture as a .jpg file. In a fair size.
-You rentry must be in french or english only !
-One entry per person only
-Be a player on one of the mycandylove websites
-liking my facebook page is not obligatory but it’s still nice.
-any kind of cheating will be severly pubished. Ban from every contests of this type.
-I’ll contact the winner via its e-mail to see the details of her prize.

> Some help ?
-You can check these sites, they ll give you ideas for bento models, accessories and such.

-Bento sites, what to put in there !
Some picture of bentos.

-You can also check the ones i cook for myself. (when i see i dont want traditional japanese bento, its a good exemple i guess )

Results of the last contest with Nathaniel :

diesen wettbewerb hat chino auf ihrer tumblr seite ausgeschrieben. da dort steht für jeden geöffnet denke ich mal das wir ebenfalls teil nehmen dürfen ;) da chino aber kein deutsch spricht müsst ihr eure einsendungen auf französisch oder englisch einreichen.
ist doch eigendlich eine sehr hüpsche idee ^^ ich wünsche allen die daran teil nehmen wollen viel erfolg

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